Let's say I have the following table with these rows already inserted:

|  a  |   b   |      c      |
|---  |----   |-------      |
| 1A  |  1B   | (null)      |
| 2A  |  2B   |     1A      |
| 3A  |  3B   |     1A      |

I would now like to

  • SELECT everything from the table in a query and
  • also count for each row how often a of the respectively row appears in c in the whole table.

This is what the expected output should look like:

|  a  |   b   |      c      | count     |
|---  |----   |-------      |------     |
| 1A  |  1B   | (null)      |     2     |
| 2A  |  2B   |     1A      |     0     |
| 3A  |  3B   |     1A      |     0     |

For the first row, "1A" also appears in c of the second and third row. However, "2A" or "3A" doesn't appear anywhere else in c.

I've tried the following (SQL Fiddle):

create table test (a varchar(30), b varchar(30), c varchar(30));

insert into test (a, b) values ("1A", "1B");
insert into test (a, b, c) values ("2A", "2B", "1A");
insert into test (a, b, c) values ("3A", "3B", "1A");

select *, (select count(*) from test where test.c = a) as count from test;

However, count is always 0.

How can I achieve what I described above in one query? I'd appreciate any help! :)

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    SQL Server <> MySQL. What RDBMS are you really using? The fiddle doesn't load either, but you should be including your attempts in the question, not as an offsite resource. – Larnu Nov 7 at 12:02
  • Tagged with mysql based on the SQLFiddle – a_horse_with_no_name Nov 7 at 12:09

You can use a subquery:

select t.*,
       (select count(*) from test t2 where t2.c = t.a)
from test t;

This is just like your version but it uses correct table aliases. Always qualify all column references.


SELECT 0 AS Id, 'All' AS Name UNION ALL SELECT Column(s) FROM tableName;

You Can add like this in sql Server.

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